Sunday, April 2, 2017

PFT Contract Letters through PONY

As many of you may recall, the PFT members at Central High School and the Caucus of Working Educators initiated a letter writing campaign in October in order to pressure the SRC and Dr. Hite to get back to the negotiating table.

In light of the recent news that the School District will be getting an additional $65million in recurring funding from reassessed commercial property taxes under the city's Added Value Initiative (AVI), it is vital that the District make whole the members of the PFT who have sacrificed so much by going without a wage adjustment since 2012.

It's time for a contract settlement.

Please print the following letters based on the PFT email campaign, include your own personal sacrifices, then place in an envelope and PONY the message to 440 North Broad.

Let's keep up the pressure and make sure this monetary windfall is put to good use by finally ending this devastating contract stalemate!