Saturday, February 11, 2017

Billboard: Philly Teachers Deserve A Contract!

The hardworking members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers have gone without a raise for over 5 years while the School District of Philadelphia refuses to negotiate a fair contract for its workforce. Meanwhile, the city and state have neglected their duty to properly fund our schools so that this matter can finally be settled.

As each month passes with no agreement in sight, Philadelphia loses more and more great educators to other surrounding districts. It is the over 100,000 children in the district, however, who suffer the most because of this lack of a stable workforce.

It’s time to call out our city and school officials for allowing this calamity to continue. The fundraiser started this week seeks to place a billboard on I-95 that will publicly shame the School Reform Commission, Superintendent Hite, and Mayor Kenney for their inability to get a fair contract settled.

A GoFundMe page with the explicit purpose of raising the funds has been created to crowdsource donations from teachers and other allies of public school educators.

The fundraiser will be extended on a month to month basis, as we continue to publicly shame the school district and the city, until a fair agreement is finally reached with the PFT.

Enough is enough – our schools, our students and our educators deserve better.

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